In The Zone

Winter 2021 in Zone 6.

COVID finally seems to be settling down after an uptick probably related to gatherings over the holidays. One of the few advantages to the aging demographics of PCA may be the ability of some of us to get vaccinated. That may be the reason for my optimism about getting back on the road. We also had a warm January in most of the Zone, so we’ve had an early start for some drives. Mine were just taking the Boxster to the golf course, but it’s still good.

We had a virtual Winter National Staff meeting on February 6 and Parade registration a few days later. I’ve heard people are having trouble getting rooms already. That may be an indication of the pent up desires of PCA folks to get together again. Treffen Scottsdale is coming up in May and I bet it will be sold out. Those national events are still on track. Putting them on is a lot of hard work and we should appreciate the extra effort that has to be made to keep us virus free.

We have our virtual Zone 6 Region Presidents’ Meeting on March 6 and the region volunteers have already been busy planning this year’s events. We have some significant region anniversaries this year and a couple from last year that deserve a larger celebration. It’s hard to believe that we have three regions, Pacific Northwest, Oregon and Cascade, that are 60 years old. Silver Sage is 55 this year and BC Interior turns 30. I hope that in a few months we can have big parties for each of them.

See you in the Zone.